The Secret Life of Pets and HSFN

Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you leave for the day? The Secret Life of Pets movie explores the lives of pets when they are left alone. In the movie, the pets are seen throwing a party, listening to music, and others anxiously wait for their owners to come home. This past Saturday the Humane Society for Greater Nashua celebrated the release of the movie with a table at Cinemagic in Merrimack. Brought along were kittens that helped educate about the adoption process as well as spaying and neutering your pet.

Have you ever wondered what our pets do during the day?

Here at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua, we have many enrichment activities that keep the pets occupied. For dogs starting at 10 a.m. they have their down time, this is when the lights are dimmed and classical music is played. Throughout the day the dogs are given puzzle toys that require effort and thinking to get food. In addition we have play and training groups that help them interact with other dogs. The training sessions usually teach them basic commands. Also, every two hours the dogs are able to go outside and enjoy a walk. The cats have many toys and have a lot of bonding time with the staff as well. In their room the TV plays cat videos and funny animal sounds. Every Monday the cats receive a treat bowl and during the week, depending on the day, they play with lasers, bubbles etc. The toys, music, and TV keep them entertained and active. The dogs and cats are able to relax and have one on one time with the volunteers and staff, who make their temporary stay more enjoyable.

The Secret Life of Pets movie stars Duke and Max, a competing pair, and at the Humane Society we have our own Duke and Max! We would like to introduce you to our own stars:

Hi, I’m Duke and I have a brother Max and together, we make the perfect pair. Although he may act like my big brother and be a little older he comes in a very small package. Of the two of us I am more go with the flow whereas my brother calls the shots. We have been balancing each other out for our whole lives which, is why we have to be adopted together. What’s mine is always his when it comes to toys. We both like playing but a home with older children where we can chill out would best considering we are both seniors- I’m 9 and Max is 11. Although we are older we still have spunk and can be a good addition to a family who wants dogs who are seeking a fun duo. If we are the pair for you come by and see us at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua.