Other Opportunities to Donate

Memorial and Honorary Donations

Humane Society for Greater Nashua (HSFN) welcomes gifts and donations in memory and honor of family, friends, and pets. Helping HSFN to continue its work is a thoughtful and honorable tribute to a special individual or pet.

Gifts can be made through our website or by mailing a check, payable to Humane Society for Greater Nashua, at: 24 Ferry Road Nashua, NH 03064

Along with your donation, please provide:

  • The name of the person or pet your gift honors or memorializes.
  • The name and address of this person or their family so we may send an acknowledgement card.

Click here to make a memorial or honorary gift.

Sponsor a Pet

Sponsoring a pet is the perfect opportunity to make a meaningful, affordable recurring gift to help our pets. Through our website you can easily set-up a recurring monthly charge on your credit card. Click here to start today! If you need assistance, please email or call Noelle Schuyler at 889-2275 x35.


For just $30.00 a month (only $1.00 a day!) ensures that one animal in the shelter receives proper nutrition and a safe place to live (including a warm bed and toys).

For just $40.00 a month (only $1.33 a day!) ensures that one animal in the shelter receives proper nutrition and a safe place to live (including a warm bed, toys, PLUS medical care and a microchip!).

Auto Donation Program

Instead of dealing with the hassle of a private sale or taking a loss at trade-in, you can donate the vehicle, enjoy a tax deduction, and help our pets awaiting adoption. Learn more about our program here.

Abby Fund

This is a donor designated fund that provides life-saving surgeries for many shelter pets who, without treatment, would likely face euthanasia.

Established in 1996, the fund was created in the name of a wonderful dog named Abby. She had hip dysplasia in both hips, however her owners could not afford the costly operation, so she was scheduled to be euthanized. Abby melted the hearts of our staff, and they convinced the owners to release her to the shelter. The Staff gave their own money, and with the help of other donors, they managed to raise enough money for Abby’s surgery and medical care. After successful surgery, Abby was adopted by a loving family. They were so grateful for the generosity of the Shelter Staff that they gave a large donation to continue the fund for other needy animals. Thus “The Abby Fund” was born.

Many shelter pets have received a second chance at life thanks to “The Abby Fund”. Please consider making a gift today! Click here to donate.

Food Fund

This fund was established to specifically address the difficulties of keeping sheltered animals properly nourished. Many people want to donate food here to help our pets. The spirit in which this aid is intended is wonderful, but sometimes donated food is inconsistent and not always the brands we feed.

All donations made to the Food Fund are used to purchase consistent, quality food that helps maintain digestive health.

  • It allows us the flexibility to purchase the type of food needed week-to-week, depending on the current in-shelter and foster population.
  • It eliminates wasted food that cannot be used.
  • It reduces the shelter’s storage constraints.
  • It allows for the purchase of prescription diets as they are needed.

Click here to donate.

Bequests/Planned Giving

With a planned gift to the Humane Society for Greater Nashua, you can combine your desire to give to charity with your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals. Your planned gift gives you a special connection to our animals. You will help those in need now and for years to come.

Click here for more information about planned giving

Amazon Smile

Choose us as your charity of choice and Amazon will donate .5% of all eligible purchase to benefit our pets. Get started by clicking the link below.

Your Donation Matters

We are engaged in rescues and providing care to over 2,500 animals annually, but we can't do it alone. Donations help assure we have a safe and healthy place for stray, unwanted and rescued animals and help us get them well and adopted. Please consider making a gift, thank you.

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