How Kids Can Help

There are plenty of opportunities for kids, who are not old enough to volunteer in the shelter, to help HSFN pets. Thank you for thinking of us! For more information on any of these projects, please call  (603) 889-2275.

Small projects/Ideas for Individuals:

  • Check out our YouTube channel for some fun follow-along craft and educational videos!
  • Have a birthday party for our pets! – Visit our Item Donations Guide page and ask friends and family to bring items from our list to your party for our pets. Once you have all of the donations collected stop by the shelter to drop them off, visit our pets, and have your photo taken for us to post on our social media (with parents’ permission)!
  • Organize a food drive – our pets always need food!
  • Collect cardboard litter boxes for our cats – Using Cardboard Soda flats as litter boxes is the cleanest/most sanitary way for our staff to care for our cats. Reach out to your local grocery store, restaurant etc. and ask them to save their cardboard soda flats. Go by participating stores and restaurants and collect these for our cats awaiting adoption. This is a HUGE help!
  • Volunteer as a family at one of our Tag Day events at Market Basket – in the spring or fall or at one of our signature fall fundraising events. Click here for information on our upcoming events.
  • Make Denim Toys for our Dogs | Link
  • Make Snuffle Mats for our Dogs | Link
  • Cat Craft Projects – Check out our list of possible projects you can make for our adoptable cats | Link
  • Dog Craft Projects – Check out our list of possible projects you can make for our adoptable dogs | Link

Larger or Group Projects:

  • Invite Us to Your School – Ask your school to allow us to come and give a presentation about an animal-related topic. You can help with the presentation if you like and, if appropriate, we might be able to bring a shelter animal.
  • Sponsor a Transport – We regularly receive transports of animals from overcrowded shelters. Ask the adults in your life to sponsor a pet from the transport. Or, you can ask your teacher to allow your class to raise money to sponsor one or more pets. Contact Elaina (information above) for more information and pictures of the transport animals you can sponsor.
  • Create a Walk for Whiskers Team – We host our annual walk/fundraising event every fall. Recruit friends, families, colleagues, and peers to join your walk team and raise needed funds for our pets awaiting adoption! Then join us for the 3k/5k walk in October at Mine Falls Park.
  • Organize your own fundraiser – A carwash, lemonade stand, bake sale etc. Host your own fundraiser and collect donations for the animals at HSFN.
  • Conduct a needs assessment of our shelter; plan and implement a drive to collect specific needed items to donate. See our needed items or visit our Amazon wish list page!

Most importantly, encourage your family to come visit our shelter and consider adopting a rescue pet!

Remember, these are just a few ideas and there are many, many more ways to help! We are happy to come up with a custom project for kids and teens looking to help out our pets awaiting adoption!


Your Donation Matters

We are engaged in rescues and providing care to over 2,500 animals annually, but we can’t do it alone. Donations help assure we have a safe and healthy place for stray, unwanted and rescued animals and help us get them well and adopted. Please consider making a gift, thank you.


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