The Benefits of Adopting One or More Senior Dogs!

While many people jump at any chance to adopt puppies and younger dogs, older dogs have just as much love to give and there are many benefits to adopting them. According to most veterinarians a dog is considered to be senior around the age of seven, but this can vary based on the size of the dog. Older dogs can make great companions for people of all ages and can be very comforting for senior citizens. Typically when a mature dog is calmer which makes it easier for the dog to acclimate to new situations. With a younger dog or puppy training is needed but with an older dog, a bulk of the training has usually already been done. Older doesn’t necessarily mean troubled! Many older dogs have long back stories of how they arrived at the shelter, and most of the time it was because the owner wasn’t able to keep them not due to bad behavior. Although the saying goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” with senior dogs, you can! Dogs can be trained at any age, and with age comes a longer attention span which makes it easier for them to be trained.

Right now at the Humane Society we have several senior dogs that have to be adopted together. The reasons may vary for why they need to be adopted together but, what it comes down to is their bond. These dogs have bonded and now living without each other would be too big of an adjustment to make, especially at this point of their lives. Adopting two may seem overwhelming but there are many benefits to adopting a duo:

  1. By taking them home together you are keeping two best friends together.
  2. Having someone that they know and trust will keep them occupied while you are not home. This also means that you don’t always have to keep an eye on them to see if they are getting into anything.
  3. If they have grown up together, they already know how to get along and play.
  4. Destructiveness can be the cause of anxiety and boredom with a second dog that they have bonded with, the chance of them
    getting into something will lessen.
  5. Bonded animals can live longer, happier lives because they are sharing it with another dog companion.

Here are some of our senior pairs that are looking for a home:

Duke and Max

Hi, I’m Duke and I have a brother Max and together, we make the perfect pair. Of the two of us I am more go with the flow whereas my brother calls the shots. We have lived in the same home our whole lives which is why we need to be adopted together. We also both like playing but, a home with older children where we can chill out would be best. Although we are older we still have spunk and can be a good addition to a family who wants dogs who are seeking a fun duo.

Autumn and Summer

Hi, my name is Summer and my sister Autumn and I will bring you nothing but sunshine. I am more outgoing than my sister but once she warms up to you she can be a lot of fun. My sister, Autumn and I have to be adopted together because she can get very nervous; I balance her out. Because she can be nervous a home with older children would be the most ideal. We are 8 and 9 but our age doesn’t stop us because we really enjoy the outdoors and walking. Since we are older, we would enjoy cuddling up with you as well. My sister and I could get along with any other pets in your home.

Max and Luci

Hi I am Max and my sister Luci and I are the cutest pair you’ll ever meet. We love to go on long walks so an owner that is active would work well for us. My sister Luci came from the Katherine Heigl’s rescue all the way in California. We are the perfect size for your lap and want someone who is very affectionate towards us. I love to play and my sister at times can be playful too. The best environment for us to live in would be with older kids who can understand our personalities. Our number one priority is pleasing people.