Safety Tip for Puppy Adopters

Did you know,  puppies of 8-10 weeks (the age many are sent to their forever homes) have bones that don’t even touch yet?

The reason they have floppy paws and wobbly movements is because their joints are only made up of tendons, muscle and ligaments with skin covering. No true socket has been formed yet in your new puppy.

When they run excessively and continue to overdo it, they aren’t getting the chance to grow properly.  Big jumps, and consistent bouncing /running causes impact between the bones.  Reasonable doses of running and jumping is not problematic, it is the overabundance that a new puppy owner should avoid.

However, when you let your new puppy  jump up and down or take them for overly long walks that is not normal wear and tear. In addition sliding and scrambling on slippery wood or tile with no traction can be damaging to the forming joint.

Your puppy has one chance to grow, and you get to help them do it safely!

Once they are grown you and your 4 legged companions will have the rest of their life to play and have fun engaging in those higher impact activities. So keep it simple while they are a young growing puppy and allow them the chance to grow big and strong!