February Happenings from Junior

It’s Responsible Pet Owner’s Month…

Well, according to the calendar, it’s Responsible Pet Owner’s Month. So, what does that mean in my house? My teeth are cleaned so I can smile with a bright and shiny smile. Coincidentally it’s also Pet Dental Month too. How does my mom know these things! I’m not a fan of the veterinarian’s shiny floors, but I do like the attention and having my teeth brushed.It’s also getting so much lighter outside, so I have time to go for longer walks and romps with my family.

Do you have a Heart? In February, the Have a Heart campaign for the Humane Society for Greater Nashua is underway. Through out the entire month of February, and into March, I hope you’ll participate in the Have a Heart Campaign by buying a paper heart to show your support. Many local businesses are partnering with us to sell hearts and raise funds for the work we do to help homeless pets. It’s a $1.00 donation for a Red Heart and a $10.00 donation for a Gold Heart. Please support us!

And, Have a HEART is back. Get your Heart today and support a shelter pet.