Can You Help Us Help Madison?

Meet Madison

Madison before surgery

This is Madison, before surgery. Note her front left leg.

She’s an adorable, sweet 4 month old puppy who arrived here via a transport. She came to us with a serious leg deformity and it needed to be fixed right away. We don’t know her full history and thus believe her circumstances were caused by a birth defect. One of her bones in her front left leg is shorter than the other and as she’s grown, the bone developed a sharp curve to compensate for the difference in length. Madison has lived with this leg issue for her short life and manages to walk, run and play with a deformed leg all while enduring the pain. It’s all she’s ever known, but our Veterinarian knew that if her leg was not surgically repaired, this deformity would have a significant impact to her later in life. As Madison grows and ages this deformity will lead to damage in her elbow causing severe pain and seriously impacting her ability to run and play. She would not be able to lead the type of life that a happy, active dog should.

After surgery with a cast on left leg.

Now with her left leg in a cast.

Madison had surgery on July 25. It was a specialized surgery and done by an Orthopedic Surgeon at Animal Hospital of Nashua to give Madison the best chance at correction and recovery, and she came through the procedure like a champ!

Caring for over 3,000 pets annually, we manage most of our medical care in-house, but with this volume we see many special cases and animals in need of expensive life-saving surgeries, and we’ve seen a lot of them in 2017. Could you help us cover the costs of Madison’s surgery and rehab here with us? Any size donation would be appreciated to help us meet our $3,000 expense.  Madison is doing her part in resting and recovering from a big surgery and a gift today would be your chance to help this special puppy enjoy a healthy and happy long life with a new family.

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After surgery with a cast on left leg.

Post surgery and with her leg fixed but in a cast for a while to heal.

Anything raised above our $3,000 goal will remain in our Abby Fund to help other shelter pets in need, like Madison, who arrive here serious medical issues, injuries, or life threatening conditions. Thank you for caring and helping!