An Update on Madison

Thanks to You . . . We Met our Fundraising Goal!

Just over a week post surgery, little Madison had her leg cast removed yesterday, and she was pretty happy about that! The cast was taken off so we could begin her rehab here at the Humane Society. With it off our Veterinary Technicians and Veterinarian started some range of motion exercises with her surgically repaired leg. Madison was a willing patient and will receive this treatment 3 times every day. She remains on pain medications, and our team is monitoring her closely to keep her activity level appropriately low. We are being very cautious with her new leg. Through it all, Madison is a very happy puppy who eagerly gives kisses to her caregivers in exchange for belly rubs. Eventually she’ll be a wonderful addition to her new family! We’ll keep you updated.

Thanks to your generosity, yesterday we reached and exceeded our fundraising goal to pay for Madison’s surgery and recovery! We’re grateful for the caring community of supporters, donors, and friends of the Humane Society that care so deeply about the pets here with us. Your kindness and support is deeply appreciated!

The money raised over our goal is now in our Abby Fund, a special donor designated fund to help other shelter pets, like Madison, who are in need of special surgeries or life saving medical care to give them a healthy and happy future with a new family.

If you would like to make a donation to our Abby Fund, please click here and donate through our secure website.