Mindy is a Shar Pei mix


Hi there! It’s me Mindy! As you may know my friends Malibu, Kinko and I were in pretty rough shape when we got to HSFN. Luckily our friends here ran a fundraising campaign to support the Abby Fund, which will pay for the specialty surgeries and treatment we need. Well, we have some big news. Not only was the $10,000 goal met, it was surpassed!!! This means that all additional money will go to the Abby Fund and support whatever Humane Society pets are next to arrive in need of life-saving surgeries and care. What an amazing community we live in! Thank you to everyone who made a donation to help us.

Look into my eyes and fall in love!

Here are the updates on my friends and me:

Mindy: I’m doing great! I’m in the market for a foster family who will consider adopting me once I’m healed from my surgery. My surgery has been postponed while I take a course of medication for an unrelated illness. Don’t worry though, everyone here at the Humane Society is really nice and is taking great care of me. Don’t tell everyone else, but I’m getting extra love and special attention!


Malibu has been resting comfortably & recovering.

Malibu: She has been recovering from her leg amputation surgery and is feeling so much better!  She’s in a big kennel with nice comfy bed and she’s purring lots when she is pet. Our shelter Veterinarian expects she’ll be available for adoption next week says she’ll adapt very well to life with three legs. The Adoption Counselors here say that tripod pets usually get adopted very quickly, and we’ve got our paws crossed that this will be true for sweet Malibu!



Kinko starts physical therapy on St. Patrick’s Day.

Kinko:  He has been hanging in his own quite office suite for his recovery after his surgery, and let me tell you- it’s pretty sweet! He is starting physical therapy on St Patrick’s Day after a mandatory post-surgery rest period. He certainly had the luck of the Irish on his side that Humane Society friends and donors cared enough to help pay for his surgery. We hope will be back in action in no time. He has maintained his gentle, calm demeanor throughout, and everyone here says he’s going to make his new family so happy one day! Until that day comes, he’ll get lots of love at HSFN.

Again from all of us pets here thank you for caring and donating to help!