The Story of Cora the Husky

Cora was a 10 month old Husky when she first visited us. These were taken upon arrival at HSFN, showing severe skin infections, mite infestation and eyelid inversion. Her parents expected us to euthanize, and sadly, we had to consider it.









Her skin infections were so deep, there wasn’t any skin left on her muzzle, just exposed muscle. But she was a happy girl, and we just couldn’t, NOT try. Thanks to our Abby Fund we could get her the treatment she needed. The Abby Fund is a donor designated fund that provides life saving surgeries and medical care for shelter pets.


Cora’s med sheets covered the table. And then… A long time went by, but Cora hung in there, and 2 surgeries later… Cora was spayed at Animal Hospital of Nashua, and had her eyelid repaired here at HSFN. Now after three months, she is absolutely beautiful!!


Where once was pain and bleeding, healthy skin and hair have regrown. Her eyelid surgery was a success. The hair around her eye was shaved for the surgery and should regrow in the next couple of weeks.











Cora will need medications for life to keep the mites at bay. Since day one here at the shelter, this lady has had a smile on her face, even through all her treatment, and we are so happy she has been adopted into her forever home. If you would like to donate to the Abby Fund to help shelter pets in need of life saving surgery, click here and in the drop down menu select Abby Fund.