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Caring for over 3,000 pets annually, we manage most of the medical care in-house, but with this volume we see many special cases and animals in need of expensive life-saving surgeries. We have a budget for this, but honestly, one or two major surgeries for pets can easily erase that! We currently have 3 pets, a cat, Malibu, and dogs, Kinko and Mindy, all with severe injuries or medical issues that require major surgeries before adoption so they can be healthy and well to enjoy a second chance at life with a new family.  Their stories are below.

We need your help! These surgeries will cost close to $10,000 and with your help we can raise it together.  Any amount you can give will help go towards their surgeries and recovery. Click here to donate now.  Anything raised above our $10,000 goal will remain in our Abby Fund to help other shelter pets in need like these three.The Abby Fund is a donor designated fund that we use to help shelter pets facing serious injuries and life threatening conditions.

Malibu’s injured leg all bandaged just hours before surgery.

A caring citizen in Nashua found Malibu injured in their yard and called the Animal Control Officer who brought the cat to us. She was suffering from a serious injury to her right hind leg. Sadly, just 2 days later we got her into emergency surgery to amputate the infected leg because the infection was spreading and without surgery to remove the infected leg, Malibu would have died. During surgery the doctor found the cause of the injury, a shoelace intentionally wound so tightly to the cat’s leg that it was embedded and not visible. Malibu is comfortable and recovering now at the Humane Society. Cats tend to adjust very well to a hind leg amputation and we expect she will too and be available in the next 2 weeks for adoption.

Mindy is a Shar Pei mix

Mindy loves to run and play.

Mindy was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico and lucky to come to NH. She is a sweet and friendly 2 year old Chinese Shar Pei mix who someday will be a wonderful hiking or running partner. She has a condition called entropion, where her eyelids curl inward and constantly rub on her eyes. If left untreated it will scar her eyes and can lead to blindness. This condition is very painful and irritating for Mindy, and while it is very typical in her breed, and it’s very complex to repair because of her small, deep set eyes. Due to these complications, her surgery will need to be done by a specialist. The ophthalmologist will need to do a lot of remodeling to give her a normal eyelid/eye contact. Mindy is currently under care for another condition, which can be remedied by medication, but sadly surgery needs to be delayed until she is cleared from that condition and for surgery.

Kinko is a cattle dog

Kinko’s favorite toys are squeaky toys.

Kinko was saved from the streets of Georgia and was lucky enough to come to Nashua via a dog transport. He is a 2 year old cattle dog and is a very happy, playful and lovable dog. Upon meeting him it we could quickly see he had a problem with his right hind leg. X-rays showed Kinko has a condition called medial patellar luxation and fixation. At some point in his young life we believe he severely dislocated his kneecap and never received care for the injury. Time has injury time worse and it’s painful. If left untreated eventually Kinko will not be able to use the leg and remain in constant pain. Kinko has already had surgery as we could not let him suffer any more. He will be with us through months of recovery including intense physical therapy to help his muscles, tendons and ligaments “learn” how to move all over again but we expect him to make a full recovery and live a long and happy life.

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