Make a Difference – Become a HSFN volunteer!

The Humane Society for Greater Nashua is committed to providing each volunteer with a rewarding and productive experience. We offer a well-structured volunteer program and a chance to make a difference in the lives of our animals. HSFN also provides all the necessary orientations, training, and support.

Interested in volunteering with HSFN? Check out the opportunities and steps below for how to get started!
Board of Trustees

The board has three primary responsibilities: establish strategy, ensure resources, and provide oversight. The board works in partnership with the President/CEO, who is responsible for the daily operations of the organization.

For more information on the Board of Trustees and how to apply please visit here (link to Board page on website)

Community Service

Mandatory Community Service Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and will only be accepted if the individual plans on completing over 40 hours, or on an as-needed basis. After filling out the volunteer application, the applicant will be contacted by the


Director of Volunteer Resources. By filling out the application, the individual is not guaranteed community service at the shelter. Applicants are accepted only if certain requirements can be met and if there is availability at that time. A copy of court documentation as well as a letter of intent stating your commitment to the hours is required.

Clerical Work

Volunteers will assist with projects such as data entry, mailings, filing, and organizational projects.

Volunteers can help with clerical tasks starting at the age of 18.

Yard work/ Facility Maintenance

Volunteers will assist our groundskeeper with the weekly upkeep of our grounds. Tasks may include weed whacking, lawn moving, and maintaining dog walking trails. Other tasks could include general carpentry and painting.

Volunteers can help with yard work starting at the age of 16.

Shelter Ambassadors

We are dedicated to the creation and maintenance of a responsible and humane two- and four-footed community. We provide for and protect abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted animals and promote animal welfare. Ambassadors will help to foster ideas and become more involved in services that mutually benefit animals and people. With assistance of social media promotion, blog posting, animal legislative advocacy, and so much more, volunteers will help to expand HSFN’s outreach and education.  

Volunteers of all ages are welcome to join us in this opportunity to support our mission and help us to advocate for and enhance the lives of animals entrusted to our care!

Cat Opportunities

Volunteers can help care for our feline friends by helping either in the morning or afternoon with cat care.

During morning cat care volunteers will assist with daily chores including cleaning cages, morning feeding, and providing fresh water. Once all cats are clean and ready for when we open for adoption, volunteers will assist in cleaning dishes and litter boxes helping to keep the organization and areas accessible to the public clean and tidy.

In the afternoon volunteers will assist staff in tucking in our resident felines at the end of the day. Helping with a second feeding if needed, topping off water bowls and general tidying of the cat and dish room.

Volunteers can help with cat care starting at the age of 16.

Dishes and other needs

With all the feline residence HSFN provides care for on a daily basis, dishes and laundry to keep up with our high standards proves to be its own task. Volunteers in this role with help to clean and organize our cat room after morning feeding and cleaning.

Volunteers can help with dishes starting at the age of 16.

Dog Opportunities

Volunteers have the opportunity to help with our dogs in a couple different ways; with dog care, or dog walking.

Dog care:

Volunteers assisting with dog care with morning and afternoon care chores including cleaning kennels, providing fresh water, changing out bedding and toys. Once all dog kennels are clean and ready for when we open for adoption, volunteers will assist in cleaning dishes helping to keep the organization and areas assessable to the public clean and tidy.

Volunteers can help with dog care starting at the age of 16.

Dog walking:

It is essential that the dogs spending time with us are provided with enrichment and walks throughout the day. Volunteers will work with dogs, spending quality time focusing not only on physical exercise, but working on basic training to work on manners. Our goal is not to physically tire them, but mentally feel satisfied at the end of the day. Dog may show unpredictable behavior and test our boundaries in the unfamiliarity and stress that the shelter environment brings. Only positive reinforcement and shelter taught training techniques are approved. Not all volunteers expressing interest in this position will be approved.

Volunteers can help with dog walking starting at the age of 18.

Fundraising/ Events

Fundraising is a crucial in raising sufficient funding for the annual cost of our shelter operations and animal care. They require a lot of helping hands throughout the planning process and during the event. Fundraisers range from small events such as tag days and dog house collections, to our large events- Wags to Whiskers, Walk for Whiskers, the Yard Sale and annual Gala. Events are wonderful to get involved in for volunteers who would like to donate their time but may not have time each week to give. Tasks and shifts differ depending on event.

Volunteers can help with dog walking starting at the age of 16.

Fostering/ Safety Net

The Foster Caregiver Program allows shelter cats and dogs to recover from illness, nurse their young or become a well-socialized pet in the comfort of a home environment.  Our foster needs focus primary around cats with the occasional needs for dog and small animal fosters. For more information on our shelters current needs please contact our Director of Volunteer Resources.   

Volunteers can help with foster care starting at the age of 18.

How to get started
  1. Review the opportunities and requirements: We are happy to accept volunteer applications from interested individuals who want to work with our animals. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to work with our cats and 18 years of age to work with our dogs. There are several animal care needs within HSFN that are typically fulfilled by volunteers who work with companion cats, dogs, and a variety of small mammals. To safely and effectively serve as a volunteer at the animal shelter, volunteers must possess certain physical, mental, and emotional capacities. Before completing a volunteer application, please review the essential capabilities document to ensure you are capable of performing tasks that may be asked of you.

After you have reviewed the essential capabilities document and you are confident that you are capable of fulfilling tasks that may be asked of you, you are now ready to complete step 2. A determination will be made to best match your interests and abilities with our current volunteer openings. We also ask for a regular time commitment in your chosen volunteer position. Please contact Chelsey Logan Director of Volunteer Resources, with any volunteer questions at (603) 889-2275 ext. 25 or by email.

2. Submit and application: We are thrilled you have started the process of becoming an HSFN volunteer! Click Here to access out online application.

3. Wait for an invitation to orientation: Our director of Volunteer Resources will review your application and get back to you with more information and an invitation to volunteer orientation. If you have any questions email


Contact our Director of Volunteer Resources, Chelsey Logan at or call 603.889.2275 ext 25