Kit’s Story 

Kit is a 7 year old beautiful cat who first came to us because his family could no longer care for him. Kit was diagnosed with asthma and it made it difficult for the family to give him the proper medical care. We were glad to take Kit in and help!

After a few weeks, of Kit being with us, Kit came down with an upper respiratory virus. This is not particularly uncommon, so we thought it would pass quickly without much trouble. Unfortunately, Kit seemed to look a little bit worse every day. Our medical team was called in to look at him on New Year’s day because he was not doing well. At that time, he was diagnosed with a secondary bacterial infection and started on antibiotics. The following day, Kit was no longer eating. Cats are very driven by their sense of smell, so when they have upper respiratory tract infections they may eat much less.

Our medical team was concerned so they got x-rays and the radiographs revealed the presence of pneumonia for our sweet boy. Pneumonia is serious condition in all of us, especially a cat with asthma. We also knew we had to help him eat, as he needed good nutrition to help him battle this complex respiratory disease. Our veterinarian felt the best course to help our boy was to place esophageal feeding tube into Kit. After his feeding tube was placed, Kit spent a few nights at the emergency hospital to insure that he was fed small, routine meals and that he did not rapidly deteriorate due to his complex respiratory disease.
Kit has made excellent progress and he is completely healed from his pneumonia and we are very thankful.
We are proud of the innovation, hard work and persistence our staff showed. They never gave up on Kit and continued to give him the best possible care, and worked with him to get him to where he is now, healthy, happy and ready to find his forever home.
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