Introduction to Humane Society Board Leadership

What is your mission statement?

The Humane Society for Greater Nashua (HSFN) advocates for and enhances the lives of animals entrusted to our care while educating our community to strengthen the human animal bond.

We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been supporting Greater Nashua since our inception in 1900. Our current volunteer members of the Board of Trustees provides leadership and guidance and along with our staff our volunteers, help us care for and raise needed funds for the over 3,000 pets we take in each year.

Are there any specific needs that your board has right now (specific professions, areas you are looking to diversify into – age, gender, background, etc.)?

There are not specific needs that the board requires to become a member.  As with many boards, we like to have a diversified group of trustees when it comes to professional background and an interest in animal welfare.   Preference is that all board members either reside and/or work in the Greater Nashua area that supports HSFN.

What are the expectations and responsibilities of a board member?

A board, and its members, have three primary responsibilities: establish strategy, ensure resources, and provide oversight.

The board works in partnership with the President/CEO, who is responsible for the daily operations of the organization. It is important that both board and staff partner with each other, but not assume the duties of the other.

Some of the individual responsibilities include;

  • Know and effectively articulate the mission, vision, values, goals, policies, and programs of HSFN
  • Participate in the strategic planning process and support the strategic plan
  • Serve as an ambassador for HSFN in the community
  • Accept responsibility for HSFN’s financial accountability (the annual audit)
  • Participate in establishing HSFN policies
  • Attend board meetings, applicable committee meetings, and HSFN events
  • Participate in at least one board committee and prepare to chair that committee if asked


What time commitment should a prospective board member plan for preparing for a board meeting, during a board meeting, for committee meetings and other involved tasks?

Members agree to participate in at least two-thirds of board meetings (11 per year) and special sessions or retreats. They also serve on a standing committee(s) or special projects and attend annual events when possible.  Most committees meet monthly, and there are currently three key events annually.

Is each board member expected to make a personal contribution? If so, is there a set amount?

We do not have a minimum contribution requirement but we do ask that each board member make a personally meaningful financial contribution to HSFN annually.

Is each board member expected to play a role in fundraising? If so, what is it?

Each year there are three key fundraising events that board members are encouraged to participate in, financially and/or through personal involvement.  For our annual Walk for Whiskers, there is a ‘board challenge’ where each board member is challenged to raise a minimum amount of pledges by asking friends and family to sponsor them on the walk. In 2018, collectively the board raised $14,726.

What is the process for joining your board?  Do you prefer or require committee work or organizational involvement prior to joining the board?

An interested board member is asked to fill out an application and go through in-person interviews with select members of the governance committee.  Prior association, or volunteering with HSFN is not required.


Your Donation Matters

We are engaged in rescues and providing care to over 2,500 animals annually, but we can’t do it alone. Donations help assure we have a safe and healthy place for stray, unwanted and rescued animals and help us get them well and adopted. Please consider making a gift, thank you.


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