This year has been full of challenges for all of us. As we have learned to navigate through this pandemic, things look very different in the way of fundraising events for Non-Profits. Our annual Yard Sale has been a major fundraising event, as well as a beloved tradition by our community for 23 years. As much as it saddened us to have to re-think the way in which we orchestrate this event, it was a priority of ours to make sure we still found a way to make it happen.

We put our heads together and came up with a way to still put together this event while maintaining safe protocols.  We have created: Yard Sale – The Re-Mix! On Saturday September 26th we will be having a community, multi-house yard sale. But we need YOU to help us make it happen!

We are asking members of our Community to host a yard sale to benefit our pets awaiting adoption in your own front yard! If you are interested in hosting a yard sale on September 26th to benefit the Humane Society please email by September 17th.

When: Saturday September 26th 8 am -1 pm

Where: Your own front yard, garage or driveway! We will publish a “Treasure Map” of the locations of all yard sales happening on this day so you will know the best places to shop!

Who: YOU! If you have things to sell, and a place to sell them please consider hosting a community yard sale to benefit our organization! Email to sign up to be a host!

Why: To benefit our pets awaiting adoption.

How: We will provide the promotion, stickers, signage, and support! You will provide the front yard, and the items for sale!


Q: Where can I drop off my donation items this year?

A: We are not offering a place to drop items. If you have items, please consider hosting a yard sale.

Q: If I don’t have a house how can I help?

A: If you don’t have a house/yard, but still want to host consider partnering with a friend(s) who does!

Q: When will the treasure map of all locations be released?

A: All hosts must sign up by September 17th. We will release the treasure map By Monday September 21st!