Walk for Whiskers: FAQ

Do I have to show up right at 10 AM when registration opens?
Nope! You may come any time between 10 – 11, we just ask that you continue to maintain social distancing, and keep your mask on until you are registered and off on your walk.

Even though there is no Halloween Compawtition this year, am I still able to dress in costume?
You are more than welcome to wear your Halloween costume if you’d like! We just will not have a prize or a parade this year.

How long will the walk be?
We have mapped out a 3K or a 5K route for you to enjoy in beautiful Mine Falls Park with stunning autumn colors. It is a walk at your own pace route. Strollers and wagons are welcome for your kids, as are pets.

Do I have to raise money to participate?
The Walk for Whiskers is an important fundraiser for the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. We hope that you raise pledges and money to support the pets awaiting adoption. Those who raise a minimum of $200 will be celebrated with lunch and great ‘swag bag’ of goodies, including an event t-shirt. Fundraising minimum for kids/teens ages 18 and younger is $100 in order to receive all of the goodies. Click here to register or donate to a walker.

What happens if I don’t raise the minimum in pledges? Can I still walk?
If you haven’t raised the fundraising minimums ($200 for adults and $100 for kids) you are still welcome to join in our festive atmosphere and on the walk route with your friends, family, and of course pups! You just won’t be entitled to receive the lunch and goodies for our fundraisers.

How does this work for a family?
Families can sign up as a team (for example 2 adults and 3 children can sign up. Their minimum fundraising goal would be $700 from the entire group in order for everyone to receive lunch and the goodies. -) or just one or two family members can sign up as a fundraiser and the whole family can participate on the walk. However in the latter scenario, only the fundraisers are entitled to lunch and goodies if they meet the minimum fundraising goals.

Where will the Walk for Whiskers start and finish?
The Walk will start and finish at the Stellos Stadium entrance to Mine Falls, across from the Nashua YMCA. Next to the new skateboard park.

What are the trails like?
The trails we will be on are generally flat and well groomed. There are some areas where there are roots or occasional rocks, and we’d advice walkers to use the same caution as you would any time you walk in the woods or on a trail.

Do I need to bring a water bottle or anything else on the walk?
You must bring your own water bottle this year. We will not have water stops throughout the walk, so please bring your own water bottle with you. You also must bring a mask, and where it when within 6 feet of other walkers. 

How long will it take to walk the course?
It depends on how fast of a walker you are, but we’d anticipate that the 5K course will take between 50 minutes and an hour and ten minutes, and the 3K course between 35 and 50 minutes. There is no rush! Please enjoy the park and time with your friends and your pups.

Can we walk off the course if we’d like to go for longer?
You certainly may! We would recommend bringing a map if you do!

What is included with the lunch?
Walkers who have raised at least the minimum fundraising levels will be treated with lunch food and beverage as well as a very cool swag bag full of nice items.

What happens if it rains?
Our event will be tons of fun, rain or shine! Dress appropriately and come have some fun!

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