Here at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua our mission is to advocate for and enhance the lives of animals entrusted to our care while educating our community to strengthening the human animal bond.

One way we love to educate our community is through our children’s programs! While we are not currently holding any events for the kids due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still wanted to provide something fun for the children.

Since we know kids are always for looking for ways to help the animals, we didn’t want this pandemic to stop them from doing so. If your child is interested in helping our shelter pets here is a list of ways they can still do so while social distancing:

  • Post a video about how much you love the animals! Videos are a great way for the kids to still say “hi” and give love to our pets awaiting adoption. If you and your child do make a video for our pets, be sure to tag us so we can see it!
  • Color a picture for the animals! Your child can draw a picture, or write a letter of encouragement to our pets. Send us a photo, or post it and tag us, we’d love to see your children’s creativity!
  • Show your child the photos and videos we put on social media! We know nothing can replace a real tour of our shelter, but our photos and videos sure do come close. Show your kiddos that the animals are still being fed, exercised, and loved every day and let them know it’s because of big hearts like their’ s that we are still able to be here caring for our pets.
  • Host a virtual donation party with your child! If your child has a birthday coming up or even if they just really want to throw a donation party, use this link: and you and your kids can host a fundraiser for us on your Facebook page.
  • Here are a few simple “worksheets” or as we like to call them “fun-sheets” for you to print off and give to your kiddos! Hopefully this will break up the day and give them something different and exciting to do.
We miss seeing the bright shining faces of children walking through our doors with donations that they raised for our shelter pets. But we know that with so many big hearted, generous children in this world, the future while it may be unknown, is sure going to be bright!