An Update On Our Recent Shelter Closure

We are very excited to announce our re-opening to the public this Saturday, March 12th!

All animals have been tested and are negative for parvovirus and we are very happy!  We tested all animals, disinfected the shelter, and consulted with the State Veterinarian regarding prevention plans and re-opening date!

As always, working in the shelter can bring risks of disease for not only our animals but for yours as well.  Anytime such a danger exists, we will be proactive and inform you immediately.   If you have puppies or unvaccinated animals at home you should always be mindful when you leave the shelter.

Thanks again for your patience and we hope to see you all back soon!   PS: Best NEWS!!!! Both puppies who had gotten ill with this disease are doing amazing!

March 11, 2022

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We are engaged in rescues and providing care to over 2,500 animals annually, but we can’t do it alone. Donations help assure we have a safe and healthy place for stray, unwanted and rescued animals and help us get them well and adopted. Please consider making a gift, thank you.


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