1/2 the Walk! 1/2 the Price! Dog Days of Summer – A Virtual Kick off to Walk for Whiskers

You can start your very own fundraising walk for the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. Walk, bike, hike (with or without your dog) anytime, anywhere.  Track your miles and be entered into an exclusive raffle. Save your last 3 miles and walk with us at the Walk for Whiskers Celebration on October 24.

All virtual walkers will have a waived registration fee for the Walk to Whiskers event on October 24th!

Questions? Click Here to check out this helpful document or Call Katie at 603.889.2275 ext. 36 or Email Katie@hsfn.org

Registration Options:

Tracking Your Miles

  • Use the form sent in our weekly emails to submit your miles!
  • Use whichever tracking device/app works best for you!
  • Send us an update every Friday which includes the total miles walked the week prior.
    • Fill out the form each week and our ‘mile monitor’ will make sure all your miles and raffle entries are entered!
    • Results will be celebrated weekly through an exclusive email and our social channels
  • Check out the Route HSFN will be taking HERE

Exclusive Raffle!

  • For every mile you walk – you earn an entry into an exclusive raffle
  • Raffle winners will be announced at Walk for Whiskers on October 24th
    • You don’t have to be present at Walk for Whiskers for the pulling of the winning ticket
    • This will be as of how many miles walked by October 18 (last Monday of the challenge)

Be a Fundraiser!

  • Sign up for fundraising for Walk for Whiskers! Click Here to view our fundraising tips!
    • Fundraising can begin as soon as you register so you get a major head start this year!
    • Registration fee applies if you are signing up as only a fundraiser
    • Fundraiser on your own or create a team!!
    • Eligible to earn Walk for Whiskers swag and a free lunch (standard minimums apply)

Thank you to our event sponsors:

Frequently Asked Questions

If I Choose to participate in the Virtual Walk can I also be a fundraiser?
Yes!  You can virtually walk the NH and still create a fundraising page through first giving | here.
Do I have to use a special app or device?
Nope! Use whatever mile tracking software works best for you! You’ll be submitting your miles each week via this link- and we are using the honor system here!

If it is helpful you can print out this sheet and track your miles that way!

Who can be on my team?
If you choose to be part of a team, that team can include friends, neighbors, work colleagues, classmates or other peers. While you might do some of your walking as a team, you can also count any miles you each walk as individuals. The sum of your individual miles must meet the team goal of 200. Each person must walk at least 30 miles. A children’s team may consists of 2 to 6 people. A family team may include adults (parent, guardian, grandparent, etc.)
Where can I walk?
Walking can be done around your neighborhood, in a park or a walking trail. You can walk outside or set up inside routes – some malls have walking routes. Incorporate any walking you already do, such as walking the neighborhood, to the store, or to work.
Do other physical activities contribute to my miles walked?
This is a walking program. Walking inside or outside, hiking, biking and walking are all great ways to rack up the miles! While any and all physical activity is fun and important in developing a healthy lifestyle, only walking/biking will contribute to your Dog Days of Summer miles.
Do I have to walk with a dog?
No, bearded dragons are permitted also. More seriously, you don’t have to walk with a four legged companion. We assume that because you are participating that you want to get some exercise walking and you believe in our mission. We are full of gratitude for your participation. Your contribution will help us care for dogs, cats, and numerous programs to help homeless and owned pets in the greater Nashua area.
What do I do when I have completed my goal and walked the length of NH?
We are with you (virtually) every step of the way. We stay in touch with fun or historical geographical facts, adoption stories, and Humane Society tidbits. That said, when you’re done, we tally your results and make certain you are entered for our cool raffle prizes. Assuming you’ve saved your last 3 miles (approximately a 5K) for our Walk for Whiskers celebration on Oct 24th at Mine falls Park in all it’s autumn colorful glory, it is at this event where you will have truly completed your 200 mile goal. Be sure to let us know you’ll be there by registering here (don’t forget to use the promo code for a waived registration fee!)
How do I know how far a mile is?
Using an app or a device that works for you is the most accurate way to track your miles each day!

To help you measure, it takes about 30 minutes for a 9-year-old to walk a mile. Adults walk about 3 miles per hour. Younger kids might take a little longer, and older kids might finish a mile faster than that. Another way for kids to tell how far they’re walking is to choose a few different routes – to a friend’s house, to school, or around the block – and ask an adult to measure the distance in the car. Don’t forget to double it if you walk back home the same way.