Cremation/Burial Services

Proctor Animal Cemetery

Located on our shelter property at 24 Ferry Road in Nashua, cemetery plots are available for families who choose our cemetery as their beloved pet’s final resting place. Arrangements can be made by contacting Leslie St. Pierre, our Proctor Cemetery Coordinator, 603-889-2275 or by email.

*Please note, we are not currently performing burials. We will post updates on social media and this page once we are able to offer burial services.

We suggest burial arrangements be preplanned, which affords comfort and peace of mind when the time comes. Since winter months do not always allow for burial services, contact us to discuss options. Storage is available.

Cremation Services and Urns

All pets entrusted to us for cremation are handled with care, dignity, and respect. We partner with a private crematorium that shares our philosophy.

Private cremation services include:

  • Your pets’ ashes
  • A beautiful urn of your choice
  • Cremation certificate
  • 72-Hour turn-around time
  • Fees vary by weight of the pet, call 889-2275 x37 for more information

Communal cremation is also available at a lower cost, however your pet’s ashes are not returned. Again, please call 889-2275 x37 for pricing.

Transportation is available from your home or local vet offices for an additional fee.

History of the Proctor Pet Cemetery

The Humane Society for Greater Nashua was founded in 1900 by Mary Jane (Jennie) Kendall (1858-1939). On May 10, 1929 Roscoe F. Proctor bequeathed the six-acre parcel upon which the shelter is located today. Two acres of this land was given over to the establishment of the Proctor Animal Cemetery, which Mrs. Kendall founded, and where her cat Creampot was interred after losing her life in the Great Nashua Fire of 1930. Creampot’s headstone is still in good condition in its original front row plot, and the cemetery has since provided a tranquil setting for burial of more than 3,000 beloved animals. Proctor was the first pet cemetery in New Hampshire.

Your Donation Matters

We are engaged in rescues and providing care to over 2,500 animals annually, but we can’t do it alone. Donations help assure we have a safe and healthy place for stray, unwanted and rescued animals and help us get them well and adopted. Please consider making a gift, thank you.


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