Neighborhood Rabies Clinics

Upcoming Rabies Clinics

Owned cats and dogs are welcome and served on a first come first served basis. Dogs must be on leash, no flexi leads please, and under owner’s control. Cats must be in a secure carrier.  Animals that appear ill will not be vaccinated.

All rabies vaccine certificates will be written as one year certificates unless the owner presents a signed, current rabies certificate for the dog or cat at the time of the clinic or their City of Nashua dog license at the time of the clinic. Rabies tags alone will not be sufficient proof of a rabies vaccine. New certificates for animals with signed, current rabies certificates will be written as three year certificates. These clinics are open to pet owners and pets of  any local community.

Nashua — Saturday, April 28, from 9am to noon
Outside in the parking lot behind City Hall on Elm Street in Nashua

$15 per vaccine for cats or dogs. While precautions will be taken for the safety of pets at the clinic, please remember it is outdoors and a short distance from a high traffic street. If your pet will be too unsettled and scared by new people and other animals, please consider attending another clinic. No appointments are needed. Clinic guests as served on a first come first served basis. Owned pets from all local communities are welcome to attend.

The City Clerk will be available that morning for dog licenses and those fees in the City of Nashua are:

  • Puppy (4-7 months) or dogs that are spayed or neutered……$7.50
  • Adult dogs NOT spayed or neutered……$10.00
  • Senior Citizen dog owners ……$3.00 (for the 1st dog only)


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