Community Clinics

We are pleased to be able to offer new services, such a affordable vaccines and microchips for owned cats and dogs. In addition, we’re also partnering with local towns to offer low cost rabies vaccines for owned pets in your neighborhood.

At this time, appointments must be made in advance for our clinics by calling 889-2275 x30.

  • Cash or credit cards are accepted forms of payment for the clinics held at our shelter
  • Cash only at offsite rabies clinics held in local towns

For more information on the services available and prices, click on the links below

Community Vaccine Clinics

Neighborhood Rabies Clinics

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics

Theses services are not intended to replace the relationship between a pet owner and their veterinarian but to offer a cost effective alternative for owners who need to get a single vaccine, a full set of vaccines or preventative medicines for their pet(s).