A Humane Care Center providing education, adoption and health care.

Spotlight on Services

Our low cost spay/neuter and vaccine clinics are back up and running. Call us to schedule an appointment for you cat or dog.


Your tax deductible gift will help provide food, supplies, medical care and shelter for our pets awaiting adoption.

Adoption Spotlight

I’m Henri, a 10 year old laid back, independent cat who doesn’t require much maintenance but will bring happiness in return.

1,200 pets were adopted from our humane care center last year

Over 3,000 animals receive medical care here each year

We provided shelter for 1,080 stray or unwanted animals last year

Over 4,500 dogs have been saved via our transport partnerships

Come and Walk for Whiskers

Saturday, October 28th  |  Registration at 10am, walk start at 11am

This is a 3K or 5K fun walk to raise money for our pets awaiting adoption. We start at the Stellos Stadium entrance to Mine Falls Park in Nashua. Click through to learn more and start your on-line fundraising page today!